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The Races Of Cérthia - Éshphós

Ésphós are the shadow people. Their race was born from the Sécr'ah that opened up their minds to the power of Óhrh. At first things seemed to be well, and those who in secret drew power from the Óhrh started to gain new powers that for the moment gave them pleasure and fast results. But after some years their bodies started to deform and two short tails started to grow out. Also their eyes started to glow red, instead of the green calm eyes they used to have. Their minds were poisoned by the Óhrh, and their thoughts became full hate, bitterness, anger and wrath. Some of them tried to turn away from the Óhrh, but it was too late, it had already taken them prisoner, and drew them further and further in to the darkness.

When this abomination was discovered among the Sécr'ah, all those which eyes had turned red or had started to develop tails, was exiled to the land of Gárandohr in the far south east. At the time there was a rule among the Sécr'ah that taking another Sécr´ahs live was forbidden. This however turned against them later, when the exiled Sécr´ah 200 ïndárs (years) later came and attacked. Many lives were lost in that war and much of Sécr´ahs knowledge went missing. After that war, the exiled Sécr'ah was given the name Ésphós, the people of the shadow.

The Ésphós purpose is mainly to steal, slaughter and destroy whatever they can. They have little or, no sense of conscience at all, and cannot be trusted. They only serve their own interests, and usually carry sharp short blades that cut deep and fast. They travel mostly in dark robes, in the cover of darkness. But some has developed abilities to take the form of Olans and travel regular roads by day. However, their tails still remain even when transformed.

Their skin has with the years started to become more and more dark blue, and they are considered a threat to all races. Little is now known of the eastern land Gárandohr where they live. It is has become a dark and dangerous, and a place that very few travel to.

Their lifespan is unknown, some say they live 300 ïndárs, some claim to have seen Ésphós that should have passed away long ago.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01