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The World Of Cérthia.

A little Background

Cérthia is a rich and young world, filled with green forests, snowy lands, mountains, lakes and beautiful environments that take ones breath away. There is one clear blue ocean that stretches around the world, since the landmass is like one big island, although too large to be called an island. The world is yet one undivided mass, at least that's what the Sécr´ahs stories tell us.

Around the world there is a hidden realm where powers of good, Phérih, and powers of evil Óhrh, try to influence the minds and actions of the different races.

The background material is still being written. But once finished i'll share it with you. However, the main story will not be put upon the web more than perhaps one chapter. The manuscript can be sent to the publishers who are interested.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01