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The Races Of Cérthia - Sécr´ah

The Sécr'ah is the old wise races that are considered to be the keepers of Cértiahs history and its knowledge's. They have existed since the dawning of the world. They are a short race with clear green eyes, which sparkle in the sun. Their hair is usually long and black, and reflects the light that shines upon it. Their skin colour is white and they dress in blue, white or yellow robes, and walk around with a cane, due to their old age. Their clothing has nothing to do with rank or wisdom, they claim, but is simply there to make things more colourful. When you look into their deep clear green eyes, you can really feel the deep wisdom that lies behind them.

They have an eye on the top of their hands, four fingers, two thumbs, on one the top of the hand, one on the bottom, and two thick middle fingers. Their young ones seldom leave the main city, since the customs for a Sécr´ah, is to study the old books, obtain knowledge and become wise. Later when a Sécr´ah has passed the test of knowledge, which takes around two years, they start to travel the world looking for new history to write, and to train their Phérih skills. A Sécr´ahs age can become around 400 ïndárs (years)

Even though they are the wisest among the races, they are a short tempered race, that can go off anytime and anywhere, especially the old ones. Short temperedness seems to come with their age.

They live in the highlands of Ismand, a place where the clouds seem to pour out most of its rain. The wind brings many clouds in from the east coast, and their climate is mostly chilly, but still their winters are short, and the number of ár's (hours) of sun they get is few, due to the cloudiness.

Their houses are round, usually up to seven stories high, built of green marble stones that has a dull surface which seem to absorb the sun, the few times it shines upon it. Their roofs are built of heavy black stone, with red glowing stones attached to them. The great library however, is built with smooth green stone, which reflects the sunlight.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01