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The Races Of Cérthia - Kehra

The Kehra are the oldest race, rumoured to have originated from a different world. Some even say they are from the dawn of time itself, but this is something even they themselves never speak of. Their wisdom is vast and is considered to be close to the Sécr´ahs. As race, they are peaceful and live up in the mountains of myst, in their hidden city Lé´thia.

Their size is undefined, because when one sees one, you can't define their true form, since they cover themselves in robes of light, that have a shining gold colour on the edges. Their skin is light blue, almost transparent, but still, one can't see through. If one may have the privilege to lay eyes on a Kehras face, one would be humbled by its beauty, but usually they cover their faces with a soft blue shining light, which shines through their facial skin.

Some of them have wings, some don't. The leaders among them are rumoured to have up to six wings, but this is yet uncertain, because there has not been an audience with them in their capital city since the early ages, when the Sécr'ah explored the vast unknown lands. However, they do attend the yearly council meetings in Ëlshád, but those who come are without wings. To meet one of the Kehra is a meeting of great honour and privilege, since they live mostly in hiding and do not often show themselves.

There is no one that knows the lifespan of a Kehra. Not even the Sécr'ah has an estimated guess. Only Kehra themselves know how long they live.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01