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The Races Of Cérthia - Olan

The Olan are what we would call humans. The regular two eyes, ears, one nose and one mouth are there. Hair on the head, some have more or less of it on their bodies, well you get the picture. Just take a good look at yourself and you know what they look like.

They are one of the younger races, and they appeared first 200 ïndárs after the war between Sécr'ah and Ésphós. A Sécr'ah with the name of Gardor, was first to find them, and decided to help them. He was informed by the powers of Phérih, which they recently were placed there by the Creator, but the purpose was not revealed.

He led them to a green land with fertile soil and gave them knowledge of how to build simple houses and to use the land. Today many ïndárs (years) later they still live near the clear stream rivers in the south in Ëlingór, which the land was named.

The Olan has what we would call a sixth sense that is sensible to the hidden realm that surrounds the world. They can sense the presence of the good and evil forces, Phérih and Óhrh, which resides there. They have the gift to receive power from these forces by opening their mind to their influence. However, one has to be careful of what oneself open up his mind to, because there can be unknown, sometimes even deadly consequences, if influenced long enough by the wrong force…

Their lifespan is around 170-200 ïndárs (years).

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01