» Cérthia's Races «

The Races Of Cérthia.

There are four races that inhabit the world of Cérthia.

Khera They are a winged race, athough all of them do now have wings. they live in the mountains of myst, in the city of Lé´thia.

Ésphós Orginally the Sécr´ah that started to draw power from Óhrh (powers of evil) in the hidden realm. They vere exiled to the land of Gárandohr.

Sécr´ah They are an old wise race, considered to be the keepers of Cérthias history and it's knowledge, and live in the highlands of Ismand.

Olan, the race that we can call human. They live in Ëlingör, a green land with fertile soil.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.01