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The places Of Cérthia - Sécr´ah

Falansir is the capital city of the Sécr´ah. Here all the young ones study the old books at the great library, the very pearl of Sécr´ahs history. The building is a huge, with many beautifully wood carved window frames, with light red and blue glass that gives a soft tint of the sunlight that shines in. It has forty stories, thirty eight above ground, and two below. The main library hall takes a half ár (hour) to walk through. It is well organised and built so the students have no problem finding their material.
Its order is from the early ages to the current days, stretching from about five thousand ïndárs (years) back, to present day. The upper twenty floors are still empty, waiting for new and exiting knowledge, history, and events to come. However, many of the old writings were destroyed in the war three hundred ïndárs (years) ago. But its sections are still the most read and studied ones in the library. The lower two floors are used as storage for book material and rooms for writers to sit in and record their journeys of historical events, new knowledge and such.

Thoras, a city on the Island of Tehlan, which also the island that the Sécr´ahs test of knowledge takes place. From the beginning Thoras was a small town, but once the Sécr´ahs grew in numbers, it has become a large city, where those that performs the test of knowledge live for two years, the time that it takes to complete the test.

Ga´th is the harbour town in the north which takes passengers back and forth to the Tehlan Island. The harbour is vast and many fishermen ships lay anchored there. Most of the inhabitants work with fishing and boats. Those who choose not to, are either traders, run taverns, or do different kind of maintenance or hunt in the highlands.

There are rumours of a new type of ship that can fly. But if this is true or not, still remains unanswered.

Táthril is a highland city, also the resting place for all the travellers that come along the way to, or from the inner domains of Sécr´ah. The inns are open all the time, with more or less active personnel during late hours, as any place would have. This city is know for its gambling and attracts all kind of suspicious people, whom most likely will try to gamble the clothes off you, with their dirty tricks. One does oneself a favour to keep away from the gambling tables in Táthrils various inns, and stick to honest work and other assignments that provides a gives a good coin.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.02