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The places Of Cérthia - Olan

Ëlshád is Olans main capital city, a centre for trade. Here you find most of the races, even the Kehra appears sometimes, even though rarely.

Indor is a large city where the river of Garil splits into the different parts of the land. This is a city where the olan have most of their army training. Two hundred Ďndárs (years) ago the training was in their main capital Ëlshád. But after the city trade got more luxurious, it was decided to move the training to Indor.

Recently a new training school, The Fáral, has been established in Indor, which teaches how to draw power from the hidden realm. This school is looked upon with careful and even fearful eyes by many. The student's that attends the school has started to develop new abilities the rumours say. Is this school a threat or a benefit for their race? This still remains uncertain.

Kedgae is a fishermen and farmer village, located far from the rest of the Olan civilization. They live a calm and easy life on the far away countryside. Their great, great, great grandfathers were the fist olan explorers that set out to expand to the new lands. Those that travelled down to the southern shores of Kedgae, remained there and settled down. The road between Kedgae and Ëlshád is a long and hot road that one does not willingly travel it alone, because of the recent stories of a large three horned creature that has attacked the traders and travellers lately. A new organization has therefore been set up to create travel convoys with armed escort, so the trade goods and supplies can arrive safely at its destination.

Elsing is a distant town which has its whereabouts, next to the Baria Mountain. It is from here that the founders of the Fáral School came not long ago. Those who live there has always been more interested in the hidden realm, and are said to be those who can control its powers the best.

Loen is the town where most travellers stop to spend the night while travelling the land. The olans that live here are hunters who hunt around the land and the forest of Indul. They are strong and skilful with the bow. Their bows are made from black wood which is very flexible, and gives an extra punch to the bowshots.

Otha is a peaceful village close to the Rohaa Lake. The olan that live here are mainly blacksmiths, who forge weapons for the olan forces, and tools for the people.

Soriel is a lively town with lots of music. This is the place where most of the music in the olan kingdom comes from. With the rapid growth of the town, it will soon turn in to a city. Many olan are moving from the country side into town to learn music arts and create new songs that can stir ones heart with courage, love and joy & healing. Many that have mastered their singing can be a powerful help in trade convoys, since their songs will keep the moral and cheerfulness up. Their singing also keeps dangerous animals and other evil creatures calm and they are therefore less likely to attack.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.02