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The places Of Cérthia - Ésphós

Barmil is the capital city of the Ésphós. Little is known about it, but those few traders who have survived a visit to the city, tell of a dark place, where one does not feel safe even for a moment. However, lately there have been more positive reports of Ésphós that behave and act friendlier. One note a tradesman did, was that the more friendly Ésphós eyes didn’t shine with such strong red colour like the regular ones. Could there be a change going on in the Ésphós race? Those who have heard the stories, think that it sounds too good to be true. Could the dark and vicious Ésphós race start to change and behave more rationally?

Darkbrilw is located next to the Brilw Mountains. Most of its population works in the brilw mines, and mine the rare ores and jewels that reside there. Especially one particular ore, Ëkirz is sought for that sells for a high price. It is the hardest material know to the world, easy to forge, and gives good armour protection. The only disadvantage is that it weights a lot. Ëkirz is the reason traders dare to travel to the Ésphós lands. The ore is needed for the forges in Ëlingór. This is Gárandohrs greatest source of income, and therefore the traders that come to trade for the metal are given a contract which gives them “easier” passage through the land of Gárandohr. Without the contract, one is much more likely to be robbed, ambushed and even killed. In to obtain one, you must first get to Barmil, which in itself is an undesired trip, pay a large bribe, and then, if the payment suits them, you will obtain the contract. The best way to do this is to join someone who already has a contract, and then hope you have enough coin to pay the fee for one.

Rodek is the town where the hidden dark arts of Óhrh are thought. All Ésphós go through a basic training of how to draw power from the dark powers of the hidden realm.

Johan Forsblom, 2008.05.02