Love - 14/10/2004

Reaver of innocence
Monger of lies
Setting the scene
Ruining lives

I gave you the keys
To my bottomless heart
But that didn't suffice
So you tore it apart

Spreader of sorrow
Bringer of tears
Where once there was trust
Now there are fears

Child of darkness
Killer of me
I won't have your deceit
Leave me be!

Moment of Pain - 07/09/2003

Nobody knows why
And still my tears continue falling
Nobody knows how
And in me pain continues growing

Left alone under the stars
No chance for comfort nor salvation
Left alone under the moon
Within im boiling, full of tention

On these fields i'll rest my head
With thoughts of failure and depression
On these fields i'll free my soul
By my own hands from desperation

You're the cause of my demise
For it is you, who kept me dreaming
You're the reason i have died.

Truth - 14/02/05

Under the sky there's an angel
With kindness unending
And warmth like the sun
In my woe-shrouded forest she's wondering
And her smile lights the way
For a myriad of dreams

Come shiny maiden into my domain
Please fear not of the rain
With you light shall remain
Tour all around with your feather-light steps
Fly around with your wings
Hear my injured core sing

Often there's love without reason
But what reason is needed
When love is so pure
Love often comes out of season
But our days are so few
And our love is so true

Please take my hand and lead me to the light
I've long lived in darkness
Need a share of your might
Come set me free from my dark caging night
Have no power to fight
And without you
will ever be right